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20 Eye-Opening Confessions From People In Witness Protection
The witness protection program is something you see in tv and movies, but don't often think about happening in real life. But it does, and these 24 people are going through it. From lies to hiding, here are the harrowing details of life in the witness protection program. It's not for the faint of heart.

How do you adjust to life in the witness protection program?

I am in the witness protection program & feel like I've been robbed of life.
I was put in witness protection for the information I knew about the Mexican cartel
My biggest secret? 

I've been in the witness protection program half my life. I'm 22 now.
I used to be in a mob now I'm in witness protection
Something people don't know about me : 
I'm in witness protection program. My father ratted out the biggest drug operation in the last 30 years that was ran by my uncle.

No one knows you.

I'm in the witness protection  program and know one knows me.

Having to accept it's for the best.

Yes I go into witness protection tomorrow. It's unsettling but for the best. I mean I will be alive.
I am in witness protection. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me

Especially after witnessing a horrifying crime.

I'm in the witness protection program because I was tied up and forced to watch 3 people stabbed to death.

Lying is a difficult part of the process.

I'm part of the witness protection program, and I can't stand that I'm lying to everyone that "knows me".
I've been in witness protection program since I moved here 3 years ago. Not even my best friend knows. It's hard knowing no one will ever know the real me.
I'm currently in the witness protection program.. People in my old state think I'm dead. I'm so lost. Everything happened so fast. I needed to tell someone.. Because even my own mother can't know..

Even in relationships.

My boyfriend doesn't know that my name is jasmine. I've been in witness protection since i was 10.
I've been in witness protection for 2 years. I feel like I am living a lie to by new boyfriend because I can't tell him my past. too scared

You can't tell anyone for obvious reasons.

I'm not suppose to tell but I need to.. 
I've been in the witness protection program for 4 years now

Because it's terrifying.

My secret?  I'm in a witness protection program.  None of my friends know and I'm so scared of having to move again.

And difficult.

Living in witness protection has been very very difficult.
People that complain about ex's really annoy me. Mine tried to murder me, and I'm now in witness protection (moved 7 times). Yet I can't tell anyone. Your ex is a saint compared to mine, stfu please.
I use to be a great singer. Was put in witness protection and now I would have rather stayed the way I was.

You learn to appreciate things like this...

I'm finally out of witness protection. I no longer have to hide who I really am.


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