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15 Real Thoughts From The Person Behind You In Spin Class
There are a few universal truths of all Spin Classes: yes, you'll feel the pain in your upper leg and crotch region after your first few classes. Yes, it's loud and sweaty and difficult. Yes, a lot of riders are crushing on the girl next to them or on their hot tattooed instructor. But have you ever wondered what else goes on in the minds of your spin colleagues seated behind, and all around you? Read on to find out!

...says the person in the row behind you.

If you can't pedal to the beat, don't sit in the front row at Soul Cycle

No pain, no gain.

Attended my first spin class today. It was a horrible feeling not being able to keep up with everybody else. I just got to stay motivated and someday I’ll get there!

You're not alone!

I tried a spin class and had to leave after 15 minutes because the seat hurt so much I was in tears. 

I'm so embarrassed


Spin class might give me a great body but what’s the point if it bruises my entire crotch?

It hurts so good.

Just did my first spin class. My ass feels like it was dropped off a building 😅😩


Excited for spin class tomorrow. Great cardio, and I get to stare at the hot, muscley guy with the sleeve tattoo.