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23 Confessions From People Who Are Colorblind
Being color blind doesn’t mean that you only see black and white. It just means that you can’t see certain colors that other people can or just can’t see them the same way. Thanks to this, some people struggle with getting a job and/or just life in general. These 23 people talk about what it’s like being color blind.

Been color blind my whole life, my wife and kid just bought me special glasses. 

I never knew the world was so beautiful! I cried when I put them on

Some people don't know they are color blind until much later in life

I learned I was color blind watching brain games at 19 years old. I had no idea I see colors different than everyone else.

Maybe some black with some brown

It makes me really angry when my friend tells me something I'm wearing doesn't match. 
I'm color blind, I can't help it!


I'm color blind and i got a rubix cube for my birthday from my mom.

Close enough

I'm colorblind I've lived in San Francisco my whole life and now I'm 21 and I just found out the Golden Gate Bridge was red I thought the bridge was orange

That's terrible :/

My whole life I wanted to be a pilot. It has been my dream to go into the air force. I found out that I can't because I'm colorblind