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These Interactions Between People's Kids And Their New Love Interest Will Make You Smile
When you're a single parent, dating can seem like a daunting task. The struggle to balance your life as a mom or dad and a boyfriend or girlfriend can definitely be challenging, but thankfully it can work. Here are 18 examples of the sweetest moments between people's kids and their new significant other. While introducing your child to your partner can be stressful, these adorable interactions will ease your mind.

Sealed the deal.

My boyfriend watched my son alone for the first time today. I came back two hours later to a pillow fort in my living room.

Yup, he's the one.


My girlfriend introduced me to her 3 year old son today. 

The first thing he said to me was, "When our cat dies, mommy is going to make it into kitty burgers!"

Nothing better.

My boyfriend is the sexiest when he's playing with my son😘 such a great role model. ❤️

Close enough...

My son has never had a man in his life to call his dad. Today he started calling my boyfriend mummy...

Don't mess.

Everytime I feed my son and my boyfriend is around, my son always looks over at him like "Yeah that's right, these are mine, dude." It's the cutest thing ever lol.

That's dedication.

My boyfriend memorized all the songs and lyrics to Frozen because my 3 year old daughter asked him to.