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22 Couples Who Are Adorably Awkward Together
Everyone has awkward moments, but what if that quality is simply part of your personality? While it may seem like being awkward would make dating difficult, these people show that that's simply not the case. Follow 22 couples as they talk about what it's like not only being awkward, but being with someone who's awkward. These may have met their match when it comes to quirky behavior.

It's easier when one person takes action.

I really want to cuddle my boyfriend but we're both super awkward with making moves.

At least it worked out.

My boyfriend and I had crushes on each other unknowingly, and were both too awkward to say anything for three months

Maybe don't do that again...

My boyfriend tried spanking me before..it was awkward for both of us 😂

Everyone expresses love differently.

I love my girlfriend a lot. I hope that she knows that. We give each other gifts and have cute awkward couple hugs all the time. And we have water fights in the bathroom. I love her so much.

Doomed from the start.

We are so awkward together. 

Not that cute awkward.

That awkward were you KNOW that it won't last.

That's the worst!

So I've been seeing a guy for 3 months. I want to be able to call him my boyfriend but we haven't talked about it... I don't know how to bring it up and I don't know if he will. We're both awkward af