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"I Testified In Court In A Case Against Me. I've Never Been More Scared."
The judicial system is a complex industry that is difficult to understand unless you're a lawyer, judge, or seasoned veteran of the courts. If you've ever testified in front of a judge, you know how stressful it is. Regardless if the case is big or small, it isn't always easy to explain yourself. You want to appear innocent, and saying one wrong thing can damage the rest of your life. But, no pressure...

Wow, seems crazy.

I defeated a lawyer in court today in a case against me. 

I have no legal training or representation to speak of. I've just watched a lot of movies.
Yesterday morning I finally faced my abuser in court, I spoke up for myself. And he's now finally paying for what he did. I did it. It feels like i have had a mountain lifed off of my life. I did it!

This seems like a major life event Mom & Dad should know about.

I was raped and had to testify in court,  i still haven't told my parents yet.

Reliving the past is difficult.

I was in a very abusive relationship and when I had to testify against my ex-boyfriend it brought so much fear and emotions but now I don't have to worry about him for eight years

Yes! Be proud of yourself.

Today, I testified in court about my abuser. I have never been so proud of myself and so scared all at once.

You're doing the right thing.

I feel like I'm going to die. I'm testifying against one of my friends.
When he was drunk, he told me everything about the rape and what he did to her.
But I refuse to let him go loose.

It's normal to feel guilty...

I just had to testify against my son's father, he was found guilty of every charge, facing 25 years. it's the right choice, but I feel so guilty at the same time.. ):

Fighting against your family members is an added challenge.

I found out my sons grandfather had murdered 2 people 20 years ago. I had to testify about what they told me.

So much anxiety...

I had to testify against my friend today

I couldn't stop shaking....


I had to testify in court today, it went pretty bad.. The shithead got away with it
I stood strong today as I testified keeping him from getting parole, but inside I was terrified. I refused to show him my fear.

Good for you.

A close friend of mine claimed a guy raped her but told me that she gave consent he just pissed her off. 
Testified against her today. No regrets. Some things are unforgivable.

Unfortunately, you may be let down...

On my 19th birthday i testified  against the man who molested me when I was 13. I am now 20 and no body has tried getting ahold of me for the verdict. I feel more violated by our judicial system.
Testified against my ex husband in open court. 

Feeling strong.

Getting caught up in someone else's mess.

My fiancé is in jail because he had me pawn stolen stuff without me knowing and I testified against him so they wouldn't charge me with it. I feel guilty but I wasn't taking a felony for something I didn't do.
I testified against the person that raped me. 12 years later. then was told because it happened so long ago there was nothing they could do about it.

Coolest? Interesting.

I just testified in court.... coolest thing I've done all year

Didn't see that coming.

Testified in court. Bailiff asked for my number. Court's not too bad😉

An awkward conversation for sure.

The last time I saw my dad was in a court room as I testified against him. Now I have the chance to see him again but I'm terrified of what he'll say to me.

This is so wild.

I was sold to an American as a sex slave from India.
3 years ago I escaped and today I'm testifying against my former owner.
Things always work out


What It's Really Like To Fight Your Rapist in Court