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The Frustrating Challenges Of Adopting As A Single Parent
Society tells us that we fall in love with someone, get married and then start a family in that order. Any deviation from what society deems normal is typically met with judgment and pushback from others, so it's no surprise that these single individuals were met with challenges as they tried to adopt a child. Follow along as they describe their journeys to single parenthood by way of adoption. From rejection to jumping through hoops, find out what they had to go through in these eye-opening confessions.

Isn't one parent better than no parent?

I'm in the middle of adopting a baby, as a single parent.
Stop asking me "don't you think they deserve two"
Right now, they have none. So stop the big talk and let me give my new child all of my love.

People have their opinions, but you know what's best for you.

I'm really tired of people telling me I'm an idiot for adopting while single. If I wasn't adopting a kid that needs a home they'd be in foster care until they age out. Is that better than a single mom?

Some people prefer to do it alone.

I love when I tell someone I'm becoming a single mom by choice. They automatically assume I'm with someone. I said single, as in I'm not with anyone and I'm adopting.

Other people don't understand.

My parents think it's 
stupid that I'm adopting 
as a single parent.

Everyone deserves a chance.

Apparently adoption agencies will give a child to hetero couples, homo couples, and single females only...

That's discrimination. 

I just want a child.

Feels like you're jumping through hoops.

Having a child has always been my dream. But, 
trying to adopt when you're a single gay man
 in Texas is so near impossible