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16 Brides Share Their Secrets To Having An Affordable Wedding
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Having a cheap wedding comes with sacrifice.

My fiancé and I are eloping to save money- which is awesome. But sometimes I wish that we were having a wedding so we can celebrate with our loved ones.

Simple and to the point.

We did the court house wedding to save money for our kid on the way

This is helpful.

To save money, when finding a venue or buying decorations or anything like that, don’t tell them it’s a wedding, say it’s a party or an anniversary or something. People hike up prices for weddings.

Intimate is the key word.

To save money, we kept the ceremony small. It was only immediate family and we used our money on the reception. Threw the grandest of parties and bought all of the booze at Costco.

Cheap doesn't mean bad.

My sister's wedding had exactly 25 people and they had a friend officiate in a park. They went all out on the food/alcohol at a beautiful restaurant. One of the best weddings I've been to.

An off-day can make a big difference.

My cousin got married on Wednesday because she wanted to save money by not having a lot of guests. We called it a "Hump-Day Wedding".