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19 Lesbians Reveal What Really Goes On Inside The Bedroom
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Why do some guys find scissoring attractive?

As a lesbian I can say that it's one of the most boring, complicated and unsatisfying ways of having sex
I'm a lesbian and I've always hated going down on a girl. But I literally can't stop eating out my new girlfriend. I guess it just takes the right person...
I'm a lesbian and yes, having endless sex with your partner without worrying about birth control is as fun as it sounds.
Yes im a lesbian.
Yes i have fake nails.
NO they dont affect my sex life...
If you know what your doing theres no issues ;P
I'm a lesbian. I love having sex with a strap-on. I love dirty talk, nail down my back and neck, biting, her grabbing my boobs. A women's  scream turns me on so much! 😜😒😒
Girls saying their first lesbian sex involved going down and a lot of crazy stuff.
My first time we barely fingered.
I'm thinking there's a lot of bull in these stories.