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19 Guys Who Love Their Work Wives More Than Their Actual Wives
Work wives are a thing, and lots of guys have them. These female counterparts are essentially coworkers who double as spouses in the workplace. Having a work wife can be a seemingly sticky situation, and tons of guys confess that they see their work wife as much more than somebody who they hang around with at work. In fact, lots of men report that they actually prefer their work wife over their own spouse, even if their work wife has an actual spouse as well. These 19 guys share with the world their love and appreciation for the women that they aren't actually betrothed to, but care for all the same.

Guys really do feel the need to show their love for their work wives

I think I'm falling for my "work wife"

There's always a boundary that rarely gets crossed with work spouses, now matter how much love exists between them

I'm in love with my work wife. I would never go 'there' with her, but emotionally she means the world to me.

A difficult situation...

I'm falling in love with my "work wife" only problem is she's married already...😔

Sometimes your work wife is the only reason you're still at a job

Hate my work, love my work wife, but she hates her work too and is leaving

Work wives can hit really close to home!

My work wife and my wife share the same name , same job and went to the same school

A lot of guys are just in it for great conversation

Talking to my work wife makes me happy😄