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19 People Confess What It's Like To Deal With Grief After The Murder Of A Loved One
How do you handle the news of a loved one who was murdered? While it's news no one wants to hear, what do you do to manage your grief? These 19 people are not only dealing with the death of a loved one, but the fact that they were murdered. Here are their heartbreaking confessions.

Dealing with a loved one being murdered is devastating.

My dad murdered my sister when I was little. I've lived my whole life feeling guilty. I know its not my fault but why couldn't I have been old enough to save her.

The details are shocking.

My uncle was murdered in cold blood and his daughter no longer has parents because her mom was the murderer.

You don't feel justice was served.

I hate how my dad was murdered and the guy who shot him is still walking around free because he is a successful businessman and claimed it was self defense...

People look at you differently.

My mom was murdered when I was 6 by my dad. I don't tell a lot of people because I don't want them to think I'm pity project.

The experience is overwhelming.

My dad was murdered in 1977, I was only 11, my mom refused to talk about it. Now my daughter is asking questions I can't answer, but want to. Who would I even begin to talk to? It's still unsolved.

That escalated quickly.

I used to dream of being in a relationship. Then my cousin was murdered by her fiancé.

Now every time I like a guy, I get afraid that he'll do that to me too.