No one knows that I'm gay and I hired a male prostitute for my first time.

That's awful.

I hired a really awful prostitute because my female best friend made fun of another guy behind his back for still being a virgin. I didn't want her to make fun of me too.

Some people get cold feet.

Yesterday I hired a prostitute to lose my virginity. I was excited to finally get laid, but when she came I just couldn't get intimate. It felt wrong.

That's crazy!

On my last trip to Amsterdam, the husband and I hired the services of a prostitute for 30 minutes.

Craving affection.

I hired a prostitute but didn't do anything with her. I just wanted someone to act like they were in love with me and touch me.

A date is a date.

I hired a prostitute to go to a wedding with me. No one found out.