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16 Shocking Secrets From People Who Hired Prostitutes
What really goes on behind closed doors when someone makes the decision to pay money for sex? While people are quick to judge others for hiring a prostitute, everyone has their reasons. These individuals are the prime examples of that. These people shockingly hired prostitutes and are spilling the details on their experiences. Find out what went down in these scandalous confessions.

Talk about a night to remember.

I hired a prostitute to lose my virginity to because I just wanted to know what it felt like. She gave me herpes and I caught very strong feelings for her. Overall, I would rate the experience 7/10

Helps to get over an emotional time.

I haven't touched a woman in a year since I broke up with my girlfriend. I'm still in love with her. Tonight I hired a prostitute just to hug me while pretending it was my ex.


I hired a prostitute to date my ex and make him fall in love with her. Soon I'll give the order and she'll break his heart. Payback.


I hired a prostitute to lose my virginity. Then she ran away with my money.

Curbs the loneliness.

I got married unhappily.
While my spouse was at work one weekend I hired a prostitute. I'm a woman

Can't believe that happened.

Once, I hired an Uzbek prostitute.
After we finished, she asked if she can stay for another night as she wanted more. And returned my money!