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What Really Goes Down In Limos Will Surprise You…
Have you ever imagined what goes on in the backseat of a limousine? Limos have a sense of mystery to them because you can't see what's going on on the inside of the car. However, these 16 people are spilling all of their scandalous secrets from those mysterious limo rides. From regrettable moments to salacious hook ups, find out what really goes down in these confessions.

Just a typical day...

I once went on a night out and woke up at the beach in a limousine with 8 people.

Definitely unexpected.

One time I got a limo rented for my birthday. After dinner, I got in the limo not realizing that it wasn't mine. It was Kim Kardashian's!

Things happen.

I was so drunk for prom that during the limo ride there I laughed so hard I peed myself a little. I still went to the prom. My date had no clue

Talk about a nightmare.

One time I got stuck in a limo with my older bro, his best friend and 3 couples that made out the whole ride. Talk about awkward.

Celebrating freedom.

After the divorce was finalized I celebrated by riding around in a limo that said "just divorced" on the window. It was an epic night.

He knew something was up...

I once had sex in the back of a stretch limo. Even though the security visor was up that driver had such a big smile on his face when we got out.