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These Childhood Misconceptions Will Leave You In Stitches
Most people can say they had at least one strange misconception from when they were a child. With so many new ideas being brought to the table, it's easy to get carried away with false theories--especially when you are under the age of 5. These adults share their most hilarious childhood misconceptions that will surely leave you laughing. Maybe some of these silly ideas were the same ones you had too.

So very sweet!

My grandma told me thunder was clouds bowling and they got a strike when lightning happened. As a small child, it helped me get over my fear of storms

Childhood can be so confusing.

Growing up, I thought adults were born at 25 and started life at that age. In our house, there were only photos of my mom as an adult and myself as a child, so I assumed she was born as an adult.

Similar, but not the same.

I thought Mariah Carey and Beyonce were the same person. Same with  Reese Witherspoon and Brittany Murphy. I also thought leopards and cheetah were the same animal.

If only.

I used to think that if I left the sink on too long a fish would come out.

Kind of...just a VERY BIG marble.

When I was little I used to think that the earth was like a marble and we all lived inside it.


I thought all cats were girls and all dogs were boys, even though I knew how mammal reproduction worked 😂