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This Is What It's Like Being The New Boss
"Manager", "Boss", "Supervisor". Titles like these almost appear to us as shiny gleaming trophies to be attained through hundreds of ours of toilsome work and moving up the ranks at one's job. But what happens once you actually get promoted and all of the sudden become a people manager instead of just an individual contributor? As it turns out, being the boss can be twice as difficult, and based on what people had to say, there exists very little preparation and training for this sort of position.

I recently became manager. And I used to be everyone's friend. Now I'm the boss and they clearly don't respect me. So im hiring 2 new people, let the games begin. Competition breeds  success.
I lost most of my friends once I became a manager. 
I guess that's just how it rolls. Really sucks
The truth is I'm floundering as a new manager. I'm quickly finding out that I'm one of those people who doesn't know how to lead or what the next step is. I feel like I'm on thin ice
I just became a manager of a designer purse store 2 weeks ago. The last 4 days we haven't made a single sale and I'm worried I'll get blamed for it. Nobody is coming on the store or looking to buy!
I came into my current company as a new manager. I feel like everybody hates me because I changed policies too quickly. I feel like they may get rid of me because of the waves I made
I used to wonder why some people are jobless then i became a hiring manager and i understand why. Good god