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Unpopular Opinion? 15 People Admit Why They Hate Disney
And they lived happily ever after right? Wrong! Some people just don't buy it. Disney and its tropes sometimes enrage people rather than inspire them. For instance, lots of folks report that they can't stand how Disney has given them false hope of finding true love over the years. Some people just can't stand the music. Whatever the case, the following people hate Disney with a passion and proudly state their cases.

The people out there who despise Disney know full well they are of the unpopular opinion

I hate Disney movies. I know, I'm awful.

The truth is there are many reasons why people are not down with Disney

I hate Disney movies; they're cheesy, predictable, and awkward to watch.

Some folks don't appreciate the incorrect lessons Disney taught us

I hate Disney for giving us the false hope that everyone not evil is destined for happily ever after.
I wish that I will fall in love with someone who loves me just as much, or even more. I hate Disney for putting these thoughts in my head.
I hate Disney. It's the reason why I have such low self esteem. I've been looking for my prince to save me but he never comes. I know that frozen tried to change that but it was too late for my generation.
I hate Disney movies because they raise everyone's expectations on life.