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Eye Opening Confessions From Individuals Who Identify As Non-Binary
Genderqueer or "non-binary" is a term for those who are not entirely female or male. Those who are non-binary might possess both masculine and feminine traits and prefer to be addressed by their own preferred pronouns, and not he or she. In a world full of judgement and labels, it's no walk in the park being non-binary. See what these individuals have to say about their experiences.


What no one ever talks about with being non-binary gendered is how you want to rip the flesh from your bones. Especially if you're in love with someone who prefers the gender you're not

So painful.

My family: *makes fun of someone or anything that is lgbtq+ related*
Me: * is screaming on the inside and just wanting to yell at them that they have a non-binary child and that they're pansexual*

It's hard to explain.

I'm non-binary and not out to anyone but my closest confidantes. It hurts so much to be misgendered, but I'm so bad at explaining that I'm not exactly a boy but I'm really not a girl either...

Such a struggle.

I want a relationship, but every time I tell people I'm non-binary they seem to disappear on me.

Haters gonna hate.

I think i'm non-binary, but I'll never come out about it because everyone makes fun of it :(

Status: it's complicated.

It's weird being non-binary. I'll find a guy hot, find out he's gay... and it takes me a moment to remember that they want something that I'm not packing & they won't be interested.