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These Are The Most Ridiculous Ways That Some People Save Money
It sure is expensive just to live. Sometimes daily expenses can really stress you out and leave you feeling desperate. These people felt that struggle all too much and got ridiculous with their money saving solutions. These confessions show the wild things people did to save some money. Warning: not all of these ideas are legal!

Wonder where that relationship went...

I once dined and dashed on an $80 tab to impress a bad girl on our first date... to be fair, it worked!

Killin the game!

I once made 20 free Uber Eats accounts to get free food lol.

Hey, I was really broke at the time!

Sad, but true.

Sometimes I go on dates with men from Tinder when I'm low on groceries. That way I can usually get some free food or wine out of them.


Walmart put up some juice under the wrong price. I took a picture. When going through check out, I showed the cashier the pic. Got the $5 juice for $0.88

The old tag trick.

I will buy clothes the day before a dance or formal event, keep the tags on them then return them the following Monday. "Wrong size" "my sister didn't like them"

SO cold blooded!

I just walked up to a table of people and jacked their basket full of chips , so I didn't have to pay for my own chips!