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17 Husbands Confess To Being Victims Of Domestic Abuse
When most people hear the term 'domestic violence' they imagine a woman being abused by her male partner. However, this isn't always the case. Plenty of men get physically abused by their female partners all the time. This unfortunate circumstance is often looked over or not taken seriously due to the reversed gender roles. These 17 men are confessing what it's really like to be in an abusive relationship. No matter what gender you are, it's important to remember that abuse is never okay in a relationship.

It doesn't make you weak.

I don't get why it's OK to laugh at me for saying I'm in an abusive relationship just because I'm a guy. 
It goes both ways too you know?

Absolutely awful.

My wife abuses me physically and emotionally in front of our 2 young kids, and it's only getting worse.  She never apologizes or shows remorse. 
I have M.S. 
She is my "I don't care-giver"


My wife is abusive. I don’t know what to do. I dropped a plate and she scratched, punched, and slapped me to the point of turning black and blue. I'm having an affair with a man now to get back at her.


My girlfriend hits me for not being manly enough, and I feel like I deserve it too.

Men can be victims too.

My wife abuses me physically and emotionally. Not quite sure what to do. Yes I know it sounds strange.

The cycle of abuse doesn't always make sense to other people.

I'm in an abusive relationship. Yes, I'm a guy. My girlfriend hits me and calls me names.. I'm too scared to leave. :(