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15 Brides Share Their Unique Wedding Dresses
Personalized and special

This is my wedding dress. 
My secret:

My fiancé gave me
 a $4,000 limit...
The dress was $180.
I got to wear my grandmothers wedding dress. I promised her I'll get married in it! This picture is the dress!❤️
My adopted mother just gave me the wedding dress that she and her mother wore on their wedding day saying "I want you to keep it in the family" I literally cried in the closet as I put it on!
I got drunk and ordered my wedding dress online for $100. It came today and fit like a dream. Drunk me is awesome
My wedding dress will be black, not because I'm not "pure" but because I think it's more beautiful than white ever could be.
I've been with my boyfriend for three years. No one in his family knows I'm heavily tattooed.

I'm wearing a backless gown to my wedding. Surprise!!!