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21 Parents Reveal The Crazy Things They Grounded Their Kids For
Getting grounded in our youth is like a rite of passage. It's meant to teach us at a young age that reckless actions have severe consequences. Before we have kids, we swear up and down that we'd never be "that" parent who grounds their kids... until they mess up and we suddenly transform into our mothers or fathers. Some parents may take joy in watching their child suffer in a time out for a predetermined length of time while others realize that their child's punishment can affect the whole family. Here's what parents are grounding their kids for these days.

And the Parent Of the Year Award goes to...

I just grounded my son because I'm trying to sleep with my boyfriend and he keeps knocking asking if I'm ok because he's bored.


If dad says no then mom has to say yes.

Just grounded my kid for a week for disrespect and trying to get her mom to take her side and overturn a decision of mine. Sometimes I hate parenting.

Matawan, New Jersey, US

It's never to early to follow the rules!

Kids need that discipline. I   grounded my kid for a week from sweets because she was sneaking in the freezer & ate ice cream without asking. She knew it was wrong. She's 3 1/2. Never did that again!


Teach kids how words can affect other people.

I grounded my son for playing a rap song with the N word in it. True story! I hate racists with a passion.

Wayzata, Minnesota, US

Actions have consequences.

My kid was cursing in school a lot. So I grounded him. It affected me too because I missed an old friend's birthday party since I stayed home to watch my son. But I'm glad I'm teaching him a lesson.

Allen, Texas, US


Yes, I'm petty. 
I grounded my son for slapping me with a draw 4 twice in a single game.

Ennis, Texas, US