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Looking To Get Out Of A Bad Date? These Excuses Worked Flawlessly
For thousands of years, humans have been going on dates searching for their perfect soulmate and rarely do people get it right the first time. By now, people have used every excuse in the book to get out of a bad date (sometimes, even before they start). It's an unfortunate ploy but we haven't matured enough as a society to tell people what we really feel. So we rely on dead relatives, house fires, and allergic reactions to save us from what would be an otherwise dull night. If you find your next date going south, don't be afraid to try out one of the examples below.

Never make a decision while drunk.

I once faked my death to get out of a date I agreed to while drunk.

Northville, New York, US

You have to commit 100%.

To get out of a date, I had my best friend's boyfriend call me and say that she was about to give birth. The guy insisted he drive me to the hospital. So he did and I went to a random floor.


Would anybody question this?

I lied about being deployed to get out of going on a second date instead of having the balls to just tell her I didn't want to date anymore.

Lakewood, Washington, US

If it's not broke, don't fix it.

I have one go-to that I use to get out of dates that are going terribly. My poor grandma has died a dozen times. I'm horrible but hey, it works.

Willis, Texas, US

Some people really go the extra mile.

To get out of a bad date I once pretended I had an allergic reaction to the food I was eating.


Saying "no" would have been way more work.

I once broke my ankle on purpose to get out of my first date with her because I was really nervous. Me breaking my ankle completely back fired.