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Cabin Fever: The Shocking Things That Really Go Down While Staying In The Woods
There's nothing like the feeling of going out into the woods and staying in a cabin disconnected from the rest of world. But with the seclusion can come some seriously shocking behavior from the tenants. These 21 people reveal what really went on during their stays at a cabin. Find out what went down in these scandalous confessions.

That escalated quickly.

This one time at camp I brought a flamethrower I made and I accidentally set a cabin on fire, no one knows who did it


I once stayed at a cabin in the woods and I heard footsteps, laughs and felt eyes on me all the time. A week later the owner told me that a little boy’s ghost lived there.

Why not take advantage of the seclusion?

This one time I met a complete stranger from this site and hooked up with her all weekend long in a cabin in the woods. Good times.

Talk about awkward.

One time I was at camp with some kids from school and on the second day there, I noticed so many people in my cabin staring at me. I turned to change and when I turned back I saw my sheets were bloody

How scary.

One time I ran away and had to stay in a cabin to hide... Someone was murdered two cabins away

Don't mess.

As a kid there was a bunch of guys who bullied me relentlessly for sleep walking. So one time I pooped on the floor of their cabin, and passed it off as sleep walking.