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The Truth About Why People Were Kicked Out Of A Wedding Party
Weddings can bring out the best or the worst in people. These 22 people talk about the worst with these jaw-dropping stories of getting kicked out of a wedding party. Is it simply the result of a bridezilla gone wild or is there more to the story? Find out with these shocking confessions.

These 25 people are sharing their stories of getting kicked out of a wedding party.

I kicked a bridesmaid out of my wedding because I couldn't stand her "I don't feel good so I'm going to be a bitch" attitude all the time. My wedding is about me and my man... Not her illnesses.
A friend and her husband got high on who knows what and we had to throw them out of my wedding.
Did that happen to anyone else? We are having a discussion over here and my husband says its normal

It's a tough choice for the person doing it.

I kicked my sister out of my wedding for being selfish as fuck. I don't feel good about it at all, I want her there but not if she's just gonna stress me out like crazy. Not sure what to do now.
Good, now my Dad and his racist family are trying to blame my husband for me kicking Dad's mistress out of my wedding party.
He was only invited bc my husband feels bad for him.
I'm going to kick a "friend" out of the wedding party because it's a one-way friendship (me being the one who puts effort). I feel guilty, but I only want close "there for you" people to be in it..

Bridezilla or reasonable?

My best friend is barely speaking to me because she doesn't like my boyfriend. I'm her maid of honor and she threatened to take me out of the wedding.