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Students Confess: What Really Goes Down In Beauty School
For people that love all things cosmetic, beauty school is the perfect option for extending your education. The program is shorter and cheaper than a traditional university and can help people follow their dreams of becoming a beauty guru. Is beauty school as fun as it sounds though? These students get real about what life is really like is cosmetology school.


"Oh you're in beauty school you must be really pretty"

No,no I am not

A valid concern to have.

I'm in beauty school, but I always have this feeling of regret that I'll never experience dorm life or life on a college campus.

No more drama, please.

I go to beauty school and I am beyond ready to graduate because of all the drama. I just want to get a good education and nothing else.

Who knew?

I’ve learned more chemistry in a week in cosmetology school than I learned in one year in high school.

Living the dream.

To be honest, cosmetology school doesn't even feel like a chore or school. It's so freaking fun.

So sweet.

My little brother just came up to me asking if I can give him a haircut because I’m in cosmetology school. He wants to be my first client! I love him so much.