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This Is What Dating Is Like When You Have Herpes
Getting an STI or STD is a huge fear for most people. Conditions like these have both physical and social side effects. It's even worse when you catch something chronic. Herpes is a well known virus without a cure that is often passed through sexual activity and kissing. Contracting this STI can certainly change your dating life. These confessions explain what it's really like to date when you have herpes.

We all have our secrets.

Everyone I work with thinks I won't date because I'm some kind of super feminist. Truthfully, I have herpes and the idea of dating terrifies me.


Finding sexual partners even though I have herpes is surprisingly easy...

It scares me how many people just don't care.


I got genital herpes three years ago from someone I trusted and cared about. Dating has been a nightmare ever since. I guess the stigma really is that bad.

Fear can really take a toll on us.

I'm only staying in this relationship because I don't want to get back in the dating world and have to tell them I have herpes.


Just because I have herpes doesn't make me a whore! You don't know how I got it! Let's get rid of social stigma! Educate yourselves!


My best friend told me I can't be picky because not everyone is going to like because I have herpes. Never had anyone tell me to settle before.