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Parents Reveal Their Honest First Thoughts When Seeing Their Newborn Baby
Seeing your newborn baby is a priceless moment for parents. The love, the awe and the...shock? It's not always tears and smiles when you see your baby, according to these parents. These parents remember their first thoughts when they saw their baby and some of them are beyond crazy! These confessions do not hold back!


Honestly? My first thought after giving birth was, "wow my son has HUGE balls for a baby."

At least everything is okay now!

"You almost killed me" was my first thought when looking into my baby's eyes, lol.

I had a very risky pregnancy.

When hunger strikes...

I was so drugged up after having my kid, that my first thought was "I want a McGriddle," after seeing him for the first time. LOL

Uh oh...

I honestly thought the doctor gave me the wrong baby when I saw my kid! She looked nothing like me! She had red hair and blue eyes and I'm Hispanic with dark eyes! lol

So many happy tears!

"Is this really happening? Is he really mine?" He was my rainbow baby after 3 losses. My husband and I were so happy to finally have a healthy baby.

Potatoes can be cute...right?

My first thought after giving birth?

"My son looks like a potato!"