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Unexpected News: These Women Had Miscarriages After Their First Trimester
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I've never wanted a kid. I got pregnant at 17, had a miscarriage in my second trimester. I don't know which was more devastating - my pregnancy, or my miscarriage.
Ive recently suffered a miscarriage just entering my second trimester when it happened. Im still sad/heartbroken about losing our baby but i want to keep ttc. But my fiance wants to wait now..
Today, my triplets would have been 12 years old. (Lost to miscarriage in second trimester)
I lost a pregnancy in a miscarriage during my second trimester and my husband left me because he wanted a "fertile woman" instead. My husband was the most handsome man I met and he's gone now.
Sometimes stress of life gets in the way. My husband and I  lost several family members, followed by a second trimester miscarriage. We went 7 months without sex. Neither one of us wanted it
I recently found out that before I was even conceived, my mother had a second trimester miscarriage because my dad hit her....