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These 15 Men Sent D**k Pics To The Wrong Person And It Got Real Awkward
If you're going to send naked photos to someone, you had better be sure you select the correct recipient. These men definitely learned the hard way, as you'll see in the following 15 confessions. Here are some horrifying stories about the times d**k pics got in the hands of the wrong person. If these confessions make you feel embarrassed, you can only imagine how the senders felt.


I accidentally sent a d**k pic to my boss, rather than the girl I was sexting.

Guess I'll see if I have a job on Monday...

One text can ruin everything.

Lost my best friend of 7 years because I accidentally sent her a d**k pic instead of the girl I was dating..

Hopefully it wasn't up there for too long!

I just accidentally posted a d**k pic to my Snapchat story...

I am beyond mortified!


When you accidentally snap pic of the D meant for your girl, but you send it to the group chat with your bros instead. I'll never hear the end of this one!

Classic mix up!

I just accidentally sent a D pic to someone when I meant to send a selfie. That was so embarrassing and now I feel like a total jerk.

Technology isn't always a good thing.

Accidentally sent a d**k pic to a Snapchat group of friends instead of my gf. I wish there was a way you could take back snaps...