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What Really Goes Down When You Rush A Sorority
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Is it all about looks?

I tried to rush for a sorority this week, all of them dropped me because I'm not pretty enough

What do you do?

Wanting to rush a sorority next year but my  parents are strictly against it

There's no guarantee.

I went out for sorority rush 5 times and never got in

Harsh words.

My roommate told me to quit while I’m ahead and not rush the sorority I like, because I never heat style my hair and “you have to look put together” 🙄

Decisions, decisions.

I think I joined the wrong sorority because I'm constantly thinking of this other house I was torn between during rush.

Hard to say how people will react.

So I’m a lesbian and I really want to rush this year but I’m scared that I might receive judgement.