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These Women Have Had Enough With Their Boyfriend's Bad Hygiene Habits
The content below was sourced from real posts on the Whisper app, the largest online community where people anonymously share real thoughts and feelings. Join the community to continue the conversation today. Personal hygiene is a must when it comes to dating and intimacy. Nobody wants to be up in someone else's personal space if they aren't taking care of themselves. These women are dating men who have some pretty gross habits when it comes to cleanliness and personal hygiene. Read their confessions to see if you feel like these are deal breakers or not!

Messy and uncool.

My boyfriend clips his nails and doesn't even do it over the trash can. He does it out in the open and they get all over the place! SO GROSS.
My boyfriend is constantly picking his braces with his fingers after he eats. He never washes his hands.
I think that is the nastiest habit he has..
My boyfriend has really bad breath and it ruins our sex.

I honestly think it could be a medical issue! It's that bad!

He needs some Q-tips!

It embarrasses me how you can see my boyfriend's earwax just by standing next to him. He needs to keep that under control!

So nasty.

I discovered my husband has skid-marks in his underwear. He claims it's because "he scratches too hard." I think it's because he don't wipe well enough...


My boyfriend doesn't wash his hands. It grosses me out!