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"I'm A Guy And I'm A Feminist."
Feminism (noun): the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Sounds like something everyone should be into, right? These guys think so. They're pushing back on feminazi stereotypes, explaining why they are male feminists.

These guys are feminists.

I'm a guy and feminist but I'm too nervous to discuss it with most of my friends cause I'm worried I'll get judged

Because strength shouldn't be equated with masculinity.

I'm a man, and I'm sick of stereotypes.
I'm a man, and I'm sick of being told to "man up," when I show emotions, and to "stop acting like a girl" when I'm weak.
I'm a man, and I'm proud to be a feminist.

Well said.

I'm a guy and it's weird how guys hate feminism.... Women wouldn't fight for equal rights if men didn't take them away in the first place... We are paying for our mistakes gentlemen

Equal rights are cool.

I'm a man and I'm a feminist because women having equal rights doesn't threaten me, it excites me.

It's a pretty legit cause.

Honestly, I can't figure out why people hate feminists so much.

I'm a man and I think it's a worthwhile movement.

Women aren't items.

I'm a guy. If I was dating a girl that wasn't a feminist, I'd leave her because I don't like dating girls that think they're objects that should be used.

They had good influences.

I'm a guy and I'm a feminist. I was raised by a single mother so the fact that there are guys out there who disrespect women sickens me

They have political beliefs.

I've learned I can only date feminists.

I'm a guy, but feminism is integral to my politics and ethos thus I seek it in my partner.

Interesting perspective.

I'm a male feminist because I believe 90% of the issues guys actually have come from misogyny.

Men have diverse feelings and emotional responses.

As a man I need feminism so that I don't feel pressured by society to be this stereotypical violently masculine man with no emotions except anger. That's not who I am.

It's as simple as that.

I'm a guy and I'm a feminist. It's sad to know the majority of individuals today have the wrong definition of feminism. We all want equality.

They feel guilty.

I'm a guy and I'm a feminist. Is it so bad? Cuz females get treated so poorly, how could you not feel bad...

Just be true to who you are.

I'm a male feminist. My guy friends make fun of me and my girl friends don't believe me.

Why can't everyone be on the same page?

I hate when I get called a fake for being a male feminist. I should be able to fight for the rights of others without being criticized for it. #equalityforall

Looking out for the future.

Im a guy and I'm a feminist! 
Because I don't want my future daughter, or any other woman to feel less than and not capable of doing what they want.

Good point...

I'm a guy and I actually support feminism.
All the problems men's rights activists complain about are caused by the patriarchy.


I can honestly say I am a feminist and I'm a guy. I love women and thoroughly back them up in every way. Some of the strongest people I know and have in my life are women.

Thank you for recognizing.

I'm a male feminist because I don't know a single woman who hasn't experienced some kind of sexual assault or violence in her life.. Not a single one.

It's OK for men to have mental health issues too.

I feel the need to say that I'm a proud male feminist, even if it's partly for selfish reasons: Been knocked down by depression which has been made far worse by societal expectations of men...

Bless you.

As a guy, i support the feminist movement, and will do anything to help raise the voices of women, but i will never speak for them.


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