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True Confessions From Female Cops And Firefighters
What are the struggles of working in a male-dominated field? While most people picture a man when it comes to cops and firefighters, there are women who not only fill the role, but do it just as well as the men. These women open up about their experiences as firefighters and police officers. Here's what they had to say.

There's a difference.

I hate it when people see me in my uniform and ask: "So, are you a female cop?"
1.) Yes. That's why I'm dressed as a cop.
2.) I'm just a cop. "Female" isn't in my job description.

No kidding.

I'm a female cop and when I'm not in uniform I wear singlets, shorts and thongs that show my full body tattoos. 
It's hilarious when people find out what I do for living. They're so shocked.

Keeping the tradition going.

I'm a 5th generation firefighter, my great great grandfather founded my department.
First female in the line and damn proud to be

Not appreciated.

I'm a female cop and I'm sick and tired of people bashing me and telling me I belong in kitchen not behind a badge.


I'm a 21 year old female cop with long, thick, beautiful hair. The amount of perverted comments I get from guys that try and get themselves out of a ticket are unreal.

Expectation is different from reality.

I'm a female cop and everyone thinks it's all cool and glamorous but truth is this job has messed me up beyond belief.