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17 People Reveal How They Feel About Love After Their Fourth Marriage
They say third time's the charm, but is that the case when it comes to marriage? With the divorce rate as high as it is, it's no surprise that many people have multiple marriages. These individuals are opening up about how they feel when it comes to their many attempts at love. Find out what they had to say about it in these revealing confessions.

Marriage doesn't always work out the way you expect.

This will be my third marriage. I'm 27. My first husband passed away in a car accident. My second husband had cancer. I'm getting married Friday and I'm so nervous but excited.

Word of advice.

I've been married three times. Each wife turned into a controlling , money-sucking leech after just a few years. Stay single!

You don't always get it right on the first try.

This is my fourth marriage.  It's been 20 years now.  First husband was gay.  Second husband drug addict who beat me and third a control freak.  Took a few years to myself and figured out what I need

Starting to look appealing.

I've been married three times. Trust me, you're better off with a cat.


I'm on my third marriage and I'm miserable. I refuse to be divorced three times, so I'm just waiting for the life insurance check and s.s. check for my children. I feel I deserve that much.

Some hobbies are more serious than others.

I've been married six times and I'm almost 30