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20 Code Names People Made Up For Their Crushes
We've all done it.

every one has made a code name for their crush with their best friend. What was your crushes code name? Mine was red because he had these red jeans that made his butt look so good lmao
Me & my bff gave my crush the code name 'The German' because he looked German to us.
Apparently, that's the nickname his friends gave him either.
I have a crush his code name is chicken and every time my friends see him they yell chicken and make chicken sounds
My friend and I have a code name for her crush. It's mushroom. I made the name up...

It's based on his hair.
I accidentally got my crush stuck with the nickname 'Senpai' because I shouted 'Notice me Senpai!!' At him so often...
I'm bad at boys...
The secret code name of my crush is Dorritos cause every Friday he buys me dorritos