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17 Evil Pranks People Played On Their Exes
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My ex husband doesn't pay child support or talk to the kids. I prank texted one day him saying I wanted a threesome and he was ready to catch a plane out here. What a dead beat.

This was a personal best.

I work in urgent care as a MA. I prank called my ex saying he was on a patients' list to take a STD test because his gf suggested it. Best prank I've ever done!!!


I prank texted my ex who cheated on me with my best friend. He ended up crying about it to the girl he cheated on me with. She broke up with him because of it.

Uh oh.

I prank called my ex .. His gf answered and they got in a fight😂 oops

It's so bad, but so good.

Sometimes when I get bored, I prank call my ex and pretend to be from the early mothers help center so he thinks his gf is pregnant. I'm a bad person...

Sometimes it's a little too real.

I prank called my ex once without knowing he had another gf and said we're breaking up and he literally started flipping shit and crying.