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20 People Show Us The Real Life Struggle Of Having Trichotillomania
Trichotillomania: an impulse control disorder that manifests itself in urge to pull out one's hair. People diagnosed with this disease feel the need to pull out their own hair out of their body, at any cost. Living with this disorder is not easy, and it can oftentimes go unseen. The two most important things to know in regards to trichotillomania are that the disorder does not diminish the worth of the human who is suffering, and that recovery is always possible.

Trichotillomania is often hidden beneath the surface of the sufferer

I have an impulsive control disorder called Trichotillomania, which means I pull my hair out. But not a single person knows.

You can't stop pulling out your hair.

I've been pulling my eyebrows and eyelashes out for 9 years. I have trichotillomania.

There's that.

I have trichotillomania and I'm very self conscious of people knowing this. Luckily my hair is incredibly thick so no one really notices, but it drives me crazy.

The disorder can weigh on people more than anyone ever sees

Trichotillomania has ruined my life more than I can explain.

Will it ever end?

I have trichotillomania or trich for short and I have had it for over 5 years and I'm scared that I'll never stop😭

The stigma associated with the disease is very difficult to live with

I cut my hair to a buzz cut length because if I don't I'll pull it out due to having Trichotillomania. I'm scared to tell people I have it because they'll tell me I'm gross.