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21 Raw Confessions From People Who Were Saved From Abusive Relationships
Abuse is a vicious cycle that for those trapped within, can seem virtually impossible to escape from. It often takes quite a bit of help from people on the outside. It can be terrifying to leave someone who has manipulated you into staying for so long. Even when you've left the situation, the scars still take a while to heal, but if you're lucky, you will have loved ones helping you find your footing once again.

Sometimes it's like a fairy tale.

He saved me from my abusive ex-bf when I couldn't save myself. 

I'm starting to fall in love with him. I've never felt so safe in his arms.
I belong here.

Saved the princess from her tower...

I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. I got the courage to leave and now I'm in a relationship with the man that saved me, he will always be my knight in shining armour <3

Not always who you expect

I am in love with my gay cross dressing roommate. He is the best thing that has happened to me. He saved me from an abusive boyfriend.

Sometimes it doesn't end in happily ever after

I hate my boyfriend - he's a spoilt child who turns everything into an argument. But I'm tied into a rented property contract for another year, and I feel bad for hating him because he saved me from an abusive ex.

It's hard to escape when it's all you've known.

He rescued me from an abusive relationship only to trap me in one with him.

And sometimes the abuse isn't always from a romantic partner

My husband saved me from my abusive stepfather and I am eternally grateful

The cycle is hard to break

a kind man saved me from an abusive relationship, in return I abused him to feel better about myself.

Maybe it's not always meant to be.

My S/O saved me from an abusive relationship. When he tried to break up with me I had a compete break down. Now two years later we are married, have a kid and I feel like I'm holding him hostage.

Don't judge if you don't know.

I'm 19 and about to be married. I came from an abusive background and he got me out. When people tell us we won't last  I laugh because I have watched this man give me the shirt off his back.

There's always that one person you'll always be thankful for.

I think I'm still hung up over my ex because he saved my life. He got me out of an abusive relationship. He talked me into throwing my blades away. He knew how to calm me down. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

Parents can still save you even when you're grown.

I used to hate when my parents checked my phone.. That is until they got me out of my abusive relationship. I thank them now
My best friend helped me make the decision to divorce my abusive husband when he goes out of town. She's setting up everything for me... I don't know what I would so without her.

Help can come from unexpected places.

My job has shown me more love than my family. When my boss says, "We love having you here," I believe him.
He is the only person who helped me get out of my abusive marriage. He paid for a lawyer.

And from those who have no idea just how much they saved you.

My daughter wasn't planned, but she sure was wanted. She helped me get the courage to ask for the raise I deserve, buy a little house and leave my abusive boyfriend.

Not always in human form.

I rescued a dog six months ago.
Tonight,  he rescued me from am abusive situation.

How could they have never gotten his name? :(

A cop helped me out of an abusive relationship last year. I've had a crush on him ever since and I didn't even get his name!!!

Moms are the best.

My mom's job is to protect women who have been abused. As a mother, she's helped me away from some abusive relationships. I wish she'd see that she was in one and would just leave. It makes me sad

Cheating can occasionally be a good thing.

I cheated on my abusive ex with my current boyfriend. Best thing I ever did. It saved my life and my babies.

It can feel like a difficult debt to repay.

I feel like I owe my bf my life cuz he rescued me from drug addiction and an abusive family.. I just cant give him my all anymore.. I need me back.

It's hard adjusting to being treated the way you deserve...

I'm dating the man that got me out of an abusive relationship. I don't know how to deal with being treated well. It's stressing him out when I try to do things alone.


"I Was In A Burning Building. I'm Marrying The Firefighter That Saved Me"