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Beyond The Dorms: The Raciest Campus Spots That College Students Had Sex
When you're a college student, hooking up is on most peoples minds. Being surrounded by plenty of people your age provides endless options for getting it on. However, tons of students live in the dorms where privacy isn't exactly a thing. These students got creative with their sexual conquests and found places outside their bedrooms to make magic. These confessions show that if you're bold enough, there are plenty of places to have sex on a college campus.


During my freshmen year, I had sex with a complete stranger on a college campus library.

Close call!

I had sex on the 50-yard line of a college football stadium field at 2am and was almost caught by college campus police on patrol.

When life gives you lemons...

Once my boyfriend's roomie was studying, so we snuck into the auditorium at our college and had a quickie. It was so hot!

Whatever gets the job done!

I had sex in the back of my college campus parking lot in my stupid Chevy Imapala.

Little did you know.

The amount of gay sex on a christian college campus is probably not what you would expect it to be. I recently got a BJ from a dude in the library during finals week.


I once had sex in an open field on a college campus at 5 am.

Man, do I miss school..