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Girls Admit: Guys Never Approach Me. Why?
Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your friend get hit on by a cute guy while you stand there waiting for even a hint of acknowledgement. While you might not be unattractive or standoffish, it still hurts to feel undesired when guys don’t talk to you or ask you for your number. The following Whispers detail such woes from girls who wonder why guys never approach them. Perhaps you know the feeling?

Seeing your friends get hit on while you stand there waiting can definitely bring you down.

I've never had a bf because guys never approach me or ask me out. I'm like, I must be ugly cuz other girls get hit on and cold approached right in front of me. Yet, this never happens to me.
Wish cute guys would talk to me. I hate that guys never approach me because they think I'm intimidating.

You'll get over your nerves one day!

Guys never ask me out because apparently I look like I want to be left alone.
 I'm just too awkward and nervous to go up to them first
I'm self conscious about my weight. I wonder if that's why guys never ask me out. I'm so sexually frustrated!

Maybe the guys are afraid of rejection?

I hate when strangers tell me I'm beautiful when I am probably not. I am 21 and still never had a bf. Guys never approach me or ask me out. I am rarely even flirted with too.
I like to think that guys never ask me out cuz they think I'm way out of they league but I know it's cuz I'm ugly asf😑😂