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"I Met My Boyfriend In The Psych Ward"
20 Couples Who Met While Being Treated For Mental Illnesses

I met my boyfriend in the psych ward, it'd be easier to say that we met on tinder. I lie to people constantly
I'm codependent and so is my boyfriend. We met in group therapy
I met my girlfriend in a therapy group when we were both depressed. I think we were meant to be together, I love her so much!! ❤❤❤❤❤
I'm falling for an unstable, bigoted ex-con that I met in a mental hospital. I'm so stupid.
My girlfriend whom I met in a mental hospital was the only thing that kept me going until I got out and she didn't
I met my wife in a mental hospital. We were both suicide patients.
I met a guy in group therapy. He left group therapy. He is going to rehab for addiction to hard drugs. 
He's trying to be honest with me but I'm not sure the best way to support him. 
I have a date Friday with a guy I met in the mental hospital. He's a lot older than me but we are so much alike and he saw me at my worst and still finds me cute
The best boyfriend I ever had was the one I met in the psych ward. ❤️
I go to group therapy for depression and anxiety, but I met a guy there that I secretly make out with afterwards.
Met my gf in rehab and our life of recovery is beautiful together! #lesbianlove
I fell in love with someone I met in rehab.
Today, my boyfriend and I are 5 months together. He makes me the happiest I have ever been: We were both suffering from suicidal depression when we met in the psychiatric hospital.
I was in a hospital for my depression, I met this girl in there and idk wtf happened but now she's all I think about😞
I'm falling in love with an older man I met in AA. He's been sober for years but I know my family won't understand but he makes me happy and want to stay sober too
I am in love with a guy I met in therapy. I try to move on, I try to not think about him. Even though he's not right for me, I love him. I'm married.
Me and my husband been married for five years with 2 kids we met in a psychiatric ward
I met a girl in a psychiatric hospital and she is everything I want in a woman. Her dark side and mine are 2 of a kind. Tbh I didn't believe in love at first sight til a month ago but it is very real
I met the last person I loved through outpatient therapy. They have since dropped off the face of the earth. I'm not in love with them now, but I still care and wonder if they're still alive.
I hooked up with an older woman I met in therapy. I think that was more healing than the therapy.


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