So messed up.

Conveniently got fired from my job right after my coworkers found a my social media and found out I was trans (mtf). Really need financial assistance so I can keep the room I’m renting.

F**k that.

I'm so over my job right now. Everyone I work with treats me like s**t because of me being trans.

Officially time for a new job.

Today my co-workers spent 10 minutes making fun of trans people and I just had to sit there like I’m not trans because I’m afraid I’ll lose my job. #awkward

Seriously though.

My trans status has never once affected my ability to do my job. Wish the judgmental folks at work recognized that...

Boy, BYE!

Sick and tired of the perverts at my job.
Yes, I am trans.
Yes, I am young.
No, I don’t want to go out with your 40 year old looking ass.

So upsetting.

I'm tired of being in the closet about being trans at work,  but I can't afford to lose my job... I hate the area I live in. Everyone is so close minded. I am scared.