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Transgender People Confess: What It's Really Like Being Trans At Work
The content below was sourced from real posts on the Whisper app, the largest online community where people anonymously share real thoughts and feelings. Join the community to continue the conversation today. Unfortunately, discrimination at the work place happens all the time. This is especially true for transgender individuals. The fear of being fired, alienated and treated differently is there for a reason. Plenty of transgender people have experienced a toxic work environment because of how they identify. These stories illustrate how it really feels to be trans at work. May these confessions remind you that we all deserve a safe place to work, where we can freely be ourselves.

It's sometimes hard to stand out at work.

I responded to the wrong name at work by accident the other day. A coworker has the same name I've used since I was 15 (I'm trans).
I'm too scared to ask for a nametag with that name on it.

It can get tricky.

How do I tell my boss I need 6 weeks off for surgery?
I'm trans and I work in a very masculine trade. I'm not sure it will be recieved well.

Forever anxious.

The odd mix of fear and excitement that I get in the workplace. I'm trans, but not out. I was born male. Always partly afraid someone will notice the panty line in my pants.. or see the lace over my waistband.

Whatever suits you.

No one knows I m a trans in my workplace. I'm hoping to keep it that way because I don't think anyone needs to know.

Best of luck!

I'm trans and here soon I'm going to attempt to transition in my workplace. It's the only place I'm not out at and still have to hide.


The best thing about my job is that only the hiring manager knows that I’m trans. My chosen name is on my name tag and the company paperwork