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Ring The Alarm: The Fire Alarm Went Off During The Worst Time For These People
Though we are taught to stop, drop, and roll if there is a fire, or to walk (not run) if a fire alarm goes off, when it comes time for the real thing, nobody follows these rules. Even though an alarm signals there is danger nearby, there are times when it would be more ideal if danger could wait an extra five minutes so we can finish a test or wash the shampoo out of our hair. But danger waits for no man. Here are some of the most inopportune times a fire alarm went off.

Clothes seem like an important thing to grab.

Everyone’s worst fear of sleeping naked just happened to me. The fire alarm went off...

File this under "worst luck ever."

The fire alarm went off in the shower and I had to run outside in only a towel. My hair still had shampoo in it.

PTSD can happen at any time.

The fire alarm went off at work and I had a total melt down from my PTSD

Time to get comfortable in the buff.

That awkward moment when you strip to your boxers, and suddenly the fire alarm for the whole building goes off...

Way to ruin the moment.

I was doing it with a girl when the fire alarm went off. Talk about a mood killer.

At least they had the robe.

In the middle of rinsing my new hair dye out in the shower and the fire alarm goes off. Everyone in our building has to go outside. Guess who's out here in a bath robe?