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19 Brutally Honest Confessions From People Who Would Never Date Someone Who Is Trans
Why would anyone rule out an entire group of people when it comes to dating? While many people have opened their minds to dating trans individuals, there are some who simply refuse. Is it simply preference or something else entirely? These 19 individuals open up about their personal and honest reasons why they wouldn't date someone who is MTF or FTM. Read on as they get real about their opinions.

Is it?

I will call a trans person whatever pronoun they want and let them use whichever restroom they prefer, but I'd never date one. Is that so wrong?

Everyone has their own preferences.

I could never date a trans woman. I'll do my best to treat them as the woman they identify as, but I could never date them

As simple as that.

I personally could never date a trans woman. But I’m sure there are many people who would. It’s about preference.

You aren't open to it.

I could never date someone who is transgender. It's just too confusing considering I'm strictly straight.

Makes sense.

I would never date a trans woman because I’m gay. I don’t like women. I like men (and masculine people).

Other people hold you back.

I absolutely love trans women. Too bad I could never date a trans woman because my family would never accept them.