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18 People Who Refuse To Compromise When It Comes To Relationships
People like to say that relationships are all about compromise, but are they really? While it's important to be flexible on some matters when you're with a partner, you also have to stay true to yourself, as these 18 people show. Follow along as they explain the one thing that they will never compromise on in a relationship. Here's what they had to say.

You live and you learn.

I used to think I'd do anything for love. Now that I’m older and smarter, I refuse to let a relationship compromise who I am and what I stand for.

Privacy, please.

I will never give a significant other the passwords to my laptop or phone. If he doesn't trust me, then our relationship is already over. I won't compromise my privacy.

Religion isn't for everyone.

It was so hard leaving my boyfriend after he told me he refused to get married in the temple. I won't compromise my promise to God. But it was still so hard. 😞

Fit in or get out.

I feel like I'm way too independent.. Like, in a relationship, I have no compromise. I have my life planned out and I won't make you change your plans to fit into mine, and I REFUSE to budge on mine!

To each their own.

I am polyamorous. It has really limited my dating pool. I won't change that though. I won't compromise who I am just for a relationship.

Children are a deal breaker.

I am 25. My boyfriend is 42. I'm beginning to think he will never be ready to have a family. I will not compromise my dream of being a mother, not even for the love of my life.