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19 Challenges Of Breast Pumping That No One Talks About
Being a woman isn't easy. From pregnancy to birth and everything in between, women go through some rough experiences to bring a new child into the world. However, the challenge doesn't end there. Feeding your new baby can also be more complicated than it seems. Follow along as these 19 women get real about the struggles of breast pumping. Here's what they had to say in these honest confessions.

You want what's best for your child, but...

I dislike breast pumping. It's time consuming and hurts..
 I only do it because it's the best thing for my daughter..

The pain is real.

Breast pumping is hard work when you're doing nothing 😱 my poor boobs hurt 😭

A little weird but...

Is it weird that breast pumping is turning me on a little?... Ugh, I need to get these new mom hormones under control!! I'm going crazy 😵

It takes so much time!

Breast pumping is taking over my life. . . .


My boss told me that my breast pumping is interrupting the workplace schedule and asked when I'm planning on stopping... Reported him to HR for that.


When my husband walks in on me using my breast pump, I moo.

I moo by myself too.