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17 Couples Reveal How They Barely Made It Out Of Their Family's Thanksgiving Alive
Thanksgiving is a special time to get together with family and enjoy a feast. For those attending their partner's family's house, they often arrive nervous not knowing what the expect, always hoping for the best but slightly preparing for the worst. As the holiday approaches, the following people below can't help but reflect on some of the most embarrassing dinners they've lived through during the harvest season.


First Thanksgiving with my girlfriend's family and I sharted at the dinner table I was so nervous

Welcome to the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

I'm at my boyfriend's super rich parent's house for Thanksgiving. I've never seen so much food or so many women on Xanax.

Smile and waive.

My girlfriend's family doesn't speak English and I didn't know that until I showed up for Thanksgiving. I just nodded the whole time. For all I know they were talking trash

She'll pass.

I'm an atheist and my boyfriend's family isn't. 
Before we sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner his grandfather randomly picked me to say grace. 
I awkwardly replied, "No thanks."

Drama is great when it's not happening to you.

I thought Thanksgiving at my girlfriend's house would be lame but I got to watch her brother break up with his fiance so that was fun.

This might be as awkward as it gets.

My boyfriend's hero is his dad. Corny maybe, but true.

I still have yet to tell him about his dad hitting on me at Thanksgiving dinner last year. It was so awkward.