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17 Wild Moments During Earthquakes
When a natural disaster hits, it can be terrifying for everyone experiencing it. While people do their best to be prepared in the event of an earthquake, things can play out completely different in the moment. Follow along as these 17 people reveal their wild experiences during an earthquake. Find out what went on in these shocking confessions.

The horror.

I once woke up at 2 am because I felt an earthquake. I went to my parent's room to ask them if they had felt it; they were having sex. 

Close call.

Once I was in Macy's and a 5.1 earthquake happened. I almost died because the minute I moved a light fell where I was standing! I've been scared of quakes ever since.


When my brother was 9 he had to take a poop during church. As he's in the restroom, a huge earthquake happened and he ran out without pants on.The whole church saw his unmentionables.

No sweat.

There was an earthquake in the middle of a song for our school musical. We didn't stop, but after the song they sent us all home. I'm proud of us. The show must go on!


There was an earthquake once and I was in the shower. I ended up slipping because I was so freaked out.

That's one way to end the relationship.

One time I got in a fight with a boy during an earthquake. Is it bad that I was excited about the epicness of our breakup?

It was AWESOME...